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Monday, April 11, 2011

A Magic Meltdown

They say third time is the charm but on April 10, 2011 their will be another thing coming.

April 10, 2011, Sunday Afternoon number 4 seeded Orlando Magic faced the number 1 seeded Chicago Bulls, this was the fourth time the two teams met in the regular season and the two teams did not disappointment the fans.

Before the game started everybody thought that the top seeded Bulls would blow out the Magics because the Magics loss there top player, Dwight Howard on Suspension and the Bulls have current front runner for Most Valuable Player(MVP), Derek Rose, but you can’t count out those Magics.

Also, before the game started me and my brother, Chris had this argument because he thought that the Bulls was going to smack the Orlando Magic because he said “ Once you got D.Rose on your team you got the victory sign with the whole team signature”. And i thought that was stupid because if you win by a blow out it really would count, you are beating a team without there star player in the line - up.

When the game started i was in my room with two boxes of Papa Johns, Two Cans of Sodas, and a trash bag, so once I’m done eating i can put my trash and keep on watching the game. After the first period ended and i saw a 32 to 24 Bulls lead i turn the TV to a different channel because i thought it was over.

After i heard my brother yelling i change the channel i saw the Magics was up by 3 in the fourth period with 2:34 left. And i saw that we can win it and i got all into the game and i started cheering. Later in the game i saw that my unborn son, Jameer Nelson nearly won that game but sadly he could pull the game winner off with 0.2 left and the game ended at Chicago 102 and Orlando 99 and ending the Magics two game winning streak.

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