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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Another Magic Under

Another Magic goes down and the playoffs are closing in. Can the Magics overcome all these injuries and stay in the fourth place.

After seeing all the magics in uniform last month  the head coach, Stan Van Gundy  thought his Magics was ready for the playoffs but until  last week Friday the  team started to lose some of there  players  due  to injury.

Some of the players that have been on the injury  Jason Richardson with knee tendinitis,  Gilbert Arenas with illness , Chris Duhon with his thumb, and the latest  player to be added is J.J Redick  with  abdominal strain.

Even though the magics lose most of there guards in the past three days, the team went two wins and one loss in those three days but in the past week the went two wins and three losses.

The two captains on the team Dwight Howard and Jameer Nelson step there games up for the missing parts in the line - up. In the past week Jameer went more than 15 points and more than 5 assists in and Dwight went more than 20 points and more than 15 rebounds.

The playoffs are near and i think that the Magic’s starting line - up and bench would be ready because they one of the best players in the game and that is Dwight Howard. He avg. more than 22 points and more than 14 rebounds. Also, there is another player that step - up through the time of injury was Hedo Turkoglu because he is avg more than 14 points and more than 6 assists.

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